6 Tips For Finding Wholesale Flower Pots

6 Tips For Finding Wholesale Flower Pots

Wholesale flower pots are an excellent way to give your home or business a boost of color and beauty. They can also be used as gift items, which is especially helpful if you're looking for unique birthday gifts or holiday presents. But finding wholesale flower pots can be difficult if you don't know what you're looking for or where to shop. Fortunately, we've put together some tips that will help make this process easier:

Know if you want terracotta, concrete or plastic.

Before you begin your search, you need to know what kind of pot you want. There are three main options: terracotta, concrete and plastic. Terracotta is porous and can absorb water. Concrete is waterproof and more durable than terracotta—but it's also heavier and harder to move around, so if you plan on repositioning your plants often or have a lot of space for the pots, consider choosing plastic instead. Plastic is lightweight (good for balcony gardens) but does tend to be more expensive than the other two options—so if price matters most to you, start with terracotta or concrete instead!

Consider the ornamental value of the pots.

With a wholesaler, you're essentially buying in bulk. You're not just paying for the flower pots themselves but also the amount of money that goes into producing them and shipping them to your store. So it's important to consider what makes these pots valuable beyond their price tag. Is it their appearance? Do they feel good in your hands when you pick them up? Do they have a nice weight to them? Does the sound they make when you tap on them convey quality craftsmanship? These are all things you should consider when buying wholesale flower pots—and if those criteria aren't met, then maybe it's time to look elsewhere.

Look for pots that can be used all year long and in multiple seasons.

In the spring, summer and fall, these pots will look great on your front porch or balcony. In the wintertime, you can use them indoors as well!

There are plenty of options out there if you're looking for flower pots that work in any setting: a patio garden wedding or a casual backyard family gathering; whether it's an intimate occasion with close friends or an elaborate affair with hundreds of guests.

Does your growing space need a particular type of pot?

When you're considering flower pots, it's important to think about the space that you have available. Are your flowers going to live outside or inside? If they are living outdoors, what kind of climate will they be living in? Do they need a waterproof pot? Is UV resistance an issue?

These questions can help narrow down your options significantly when it comes time to shop for wholesale flower pots.

Have an idea about how much you should spend before you shop.

Before you start shopping, it’s important to have an idea of how much you should spend. If you know what the wholesale cost is and whether or not it will fit into your budget, then you’ll be able to find the best deal possible. If a wholesaler charges more than double their normal price, they might be selling at a higher cost because they think that customers won’t notice or care about paying too much for flower pots (because they are buying them in bulk). So always check out costs beforehand by asking other florists and other wholesale distributors what they charge for their flower pots before making a purchase decision so that when comparing prices with other suppliers later on down the line, at least one difference from last time will be less noticeable when comparing notes with friends over coffee!


Wholesale flower pots can be a little challenging to shop for, but don’t let this be an obstacle. Simply knowing what you are looking for will help you navigate the experience and find exactly what it is that you want. Be aware of the different types available, their ornamental value and how much money your growing space needs to spend before shopping for wholesale flower pots.