Applications Of Shrink A Dink

Applications Of Shrink A Dink

A shrink a dink is a crafty toy that gained popularity in the 1980s, especially among creative youngsters, and its popularity is not decreasing any time soon. If anything, it’s increasing even more and is even used to make simple jewelry. They come as thin sheets of polystyrene on which the children draw and cut their drawings making them look like kiss-cut stickers. They are placed on trays and heated at 325° F for 1 to 3 minutes till you can see them shrink up to 1/3rd of their original size. The sheet becomes 9 times thick and rigid, making the drawing come to life!

In the article, you will read how you can use the shrink a dink paper to create cool art and even make beautiful jewelry out of it.

Where Are Shrink A Dink Used?

Did you know that you can even decorate the Christmas tree with these artsy toys? Read on to know about this and many other uses of the shrinky dink.

For Art & Craft

Shrink a dinks are a really cool way to teach your children to draw by making their drawings come to life when the polystyrene sheet thickens and hardens after heating. Moreover, it is a great way to instill creativity in young children by having their art turn into real toys.

For Making Cool Earrings

Did you know that shrink a dinks are not only toys but can be made into cool jewelry too? With just a little bit of creativity, you can make yourself your own shrinky dink earrings by adding hooks to them, how extraordinary!

For Making Pendants

By adding some stylish chains to your shrink a dink toy, it is a great way to make a stylish neckpiece! Using different colors and tones and mixing them together to create an Ombre effect can give you an even better and more realistic jewelry-looking piece.

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Making several shrink a dink pieces and adding small hangers to them can make a bright and colorful Christmas tree for you and when it comes to decorating the tree, nothing is too much! You can even make Christmas bells and hand them with hooks.

For Making Thick Stickers

Stickers are a great way to beautify your electronic gadgets, items, and even your room. With these thick shrink a dinks, all you need is a double-sided thin sticky sheet to help the piece stick to wherever you like. Having a thick shrink a dink sticker at the back of your phone case can even act as a pop socket.

For Making Creative Keychains

Attaching a shrink a dink toy to your keys, as a keychain is one of the most common ways to use them and create your customized keychain, just the way you want! You can make your name initials as a keychain or even one of your favorite animated characters.

For Making Bracelet Beads

Just like you can make a pendant and an earring, you can easily make your own bracelet giving it an aesthetic vibe! You can attach an elegant bracelet chain to the piece and even add shrink a dink beads on the sides!


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