Best Fashion Tips for Invisible Tape-In Hair Extensions

Best Fashion Tips for Invisible Tape-In Hair Extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are a type of hair extension that is almost invisible, especially for those clients who want more volume and length to their hair without anybody noticing. Below are some styling tips on the invisible tape-in extensions so that you can get the best out of your hair.

Proper Installation is Key

Every styling starts with the correct method of putting on your invisible tape in extension. It is important to make sure that they are fixed correctly and strongly that is why it is desirable to make it with the help of special services. The tapes should fit the natural growth of hair and the extensions should also be put in such a way that there will be no uneven pressure on the head. Visit for more details.

Blend with Natural Hair

The major advantage of invisible tape-in hair extensions is that they are not easily distinguishable from natural hair. To boost this, see to it that the color and texture of the extensions should be as close as possible to the natural hair. For the best look, a professional stylist may cut and style the extensions to blend well with the natural hair; this makes it hard to tell that the hair extensions were used.

Gentle Washing and Conditioning

To keep your invisible tape-in extensions looking fresh and long-lasting, one should use sulfate-free and extension-friendly shampoos and conditioners. It is advised that the roots emphasis should be made and that there should be minimal conditioning on the tapes to avoid them becoming loose. To dry your hair, kindly pat it with a towel and do not apply a lot of pressure.

Careful Brushing

Cleaning your hair is essential, particularly if you have hair extensions, as it will help prevent the knots that come with them. You must use a brush made specifically for extensions or a wide-tooth comb to extend the life of your extensions. Begin detangling from the tips gradually moving up to the roots; hold the hair close to the tapes in order not to hurt the scalp.

Heat Styling Tips

Tape-in extensions are invisible and are made from 100% virgin Remy hair, therefore they can be treated like your hair, for instance; one can style them using little heat. However, one should ensure that one uses a heat protectant spray to reduce the effects of hair damage. While curling or straightening, the heat setting should be set to a moderate level and heat should not be applied directly on the tapes to lessen the adhesive’s strength.

Nighttime Care

To protect your invisible tape-in extensions wear your hair in a loose braid or low ponytail especially when you are sleeping. This eliminates entanglement as well as friction that will lead to damage to the hair.

Regular Maintenance

It is advisable to get an appointment with your stylist from time to time so that they can check on the invisible tape-in extensions. Ideally, the extensions have to be cut after every 6-8 weeks as your natural hair starts to grow. During these appointments, your stylist can re-adhere or put new tapes if it has become loose and also remove the extensions if necessary.


Tape-in hair extensions are practically invisible and are a great way to add some volume and length to your hair quickly! Follow the following styling tips to keep your extensions looking good, healthy, and when blended with your natural hair. If well taken care of and maintained, the invisible tape–in extension will offer you the beautiful hair you have always wanted.