Context of the book

Context of the book "Billionaire's Secret Baby."

Mandy wants to complete or get three things before valentine's day. First, she wants to move out of her parent's house. Secondly, she wants a job to fulfill her and peanut's needs and to be determined about the delivery as she knows she will be a mother sooner or later. Will she accept the position to work for the handsome CEO? S. Cinders wrote this book. This billionaire's secret baby book has 103 chapters, and you can read the book online from the novel cat. Let's discuss the book details.

Chapter 1

In the 28th week of pregnancy baby's eyes are opened partially, and eyelashes start forming. The baby's size will be 10 inches, and the weight will be 2.25 pounds. Mandy Johnson is reading a magazine, and upon calling her name, she nearly dropped that. She stood and felt that being seven months pregnant, it is not easy to do basic tasks of daily life. The assistant of Dr. Robert is smiling at her while standing there. She said that it was nice that she was back. The name of the assistant is Tina. She replied to tina that she was not married till now. Tina told her the pregnancy was perfectly normal and she didn't have to worry about the weight and asked her to come to check her heartbeat. Tina placed the pen's tip on her vaginal lips and asked her if she was feeling anything unusual. Mandy told tina that she has sexual fantasies and sometimes imagines two lovers in dreams. To which tina said that is perfectly normal. Dr. Robert told her she should have orgasms for satisfaction because they can solve many problems. Mandy responded that it could cause some, too, by pointing toward her belly. Dr. Robert told her that she could use the vibrator whenever she wanted. Mandy looked at the magazine again that she was reading before. There were some positions of sex while you were pregnant. Her phone rang, and someone named Elliot brand told her that Dr. Robert had given her number. He asked her about the PA job and her availability for the interview tomorrow at 11 am.

Chapter 2

Mandy is changing her clothes and feeling like she is looking fat. She said in disgust that she was looking fat. Her elder sister's name is Kim. She said that she looked normal, like a pregnant girl. Kim has been married for the last five years and is not blessed with a baby. She told Mandy that he would absolutely hire her because she was talented, intelligent, and funny. Kim gave her the black knit skirt and asked her to put it on. Kim covered her lips with pink gloss and sprayed the perfume at her wrists and behind her ears. Mandy is ready. Kim asked her to call her after the interview. If you want to know more about the job interview with Elliot brand and what happened next, you can read the entire book online.